Centre Linline de Paris

Adresse: 21 avenue des Ternes (entrée par le 1 rue de Montenotte)
75017 Paris
Téléphone: 01 84 17 51 14

Linline Annecy

Adresse: 3A Allée de la Mandallaz
74370 Metz-Tessy
Téléphone: +33768353050



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LINLINE Laser Medical and Aesthetic Medicine Clinics in Paris and Haute-Savoie are centres dedicated to aesthetic and anti-ageing treatments offering the most advanced techniques with the latest generation of laser treatments focusing on the biological ageing of skin.

We welcome you to our clinic 21 avenue des Ternes  17th arrondissement (Tel 01 84 17 51 14), entrance via 1 rue de Montenotte, Paris 75017.

Now also in Annecy (Metz-Tessy), 3A Alley of the Mandallaz, 74370 Metz-Tessy in front of the hospital of Annecy Genevois.

(Tel 07 68 35 30 50 or +33 768 35 30 50 from Switzerland and abroad).

LINLINE chain of clinics is a network of aesthetic medicine and medical laser centres. All the centres work in compliance with the same guaranteed high standards to patients all over Europe and have an irreproachable quality of service.

In twelve years of existence, we have successfully carried out tens of thousands of laser treatments, gaining a solid reputation among our patients.

Indeed in each LINLINE Laser Medical centre you can enjoy a set of services of very high quality. For example, we are today the only specialists who can guarantee you, after consultation, an epilation without pain and without restrictions, in particular with respect to your skin colour or your tan. We can also propose to you non-surgical RecoSMA ® rejuvenation that does not traumatise the skin.

We are able to propose to you the following exclusive treatments:

Safe laser treatments, effective and almost painless:



Tattoo removal (removal of tattoos of all kinds)

Treatment of pigmented and vascular lesions

Correction of scars, acne

Laser peeling

Treatment of stretch Marks and psoriasis

Facial skin treatments:

Filling wrinkles

Volumetric face recovery

Cosmetic treatment by ultra-sound, skin cleansing and peeling

D.A.S. Blepharoplasty / PlexR

Specific and personalised treatments for the prevention of ageing:


Blood and urine tests will be carried out to assess your risks: cardiac, metabolic, digestive, degenerative, arthrous, allergic, skin and cerebral ageing, oxidative stress.

At the end of these assessments, an individualised study of your diet and its rebalancing will be proposed to you, as well as a study of your lifestyle with advice on your way of life.