Centre Linline de Paris

Adresse: 21 avenue des Ternes (entrée par le 1 rue de Montenotte)
75017 Paris
Téléphone: 01 84 17 51 14

Linline Annecy

Adresse: 3A Allée de la Mandallaz
74370 Metz-Tessy
Téléphone: +33768353050



Mapa del sitio

The LINLINE clinic is located in the heart of Kiev - on Pushkin Street, near the centre and the famous Independence Square.  Started 8 years ago, today we have more than 7,000 regular customers. LINLINE - the only clinic in the Ukraine that operates according to European beauty services standards.

Our experts constantly raise the level of qualifications in national and international conferences and seminars. Certified procedures - RecoSMA®, nanoperforation, QOOL-epilation – are represented in Ukraine only by LINLINE.