Centre Linline de Paris

Adresse: 21 avenue des Ternes (entrée par le 1 rue de Montenotte)
75017 Paris
Téléphone: 01 84 17 51 14

Linline Annecy

Adresse: 3A Allée de la Mandallaz
74370 Metz-Tessy
Téléphone: +33768353050



Mapa del sitio

The first "LINLINE" clinic was opened more than 15 years ago in Ekaterinburg - in 1999. Today the largest chain of laser cosmetology clinics is not only in Russia (35 clinics) and Ekaterinburg (4 clinics). Our clinics in Ekaterinburg are organised in such a way that access to one of them is not difficult for anyone who lives in the city: three clinics in the city centre (Belinskogo Street, Kranoarmeyskaya Street and Sheinkmana Street), as well as the clinic in a residential area (Botanicheskiy district) in Fuchika Street.

Ekaterinburg is and continues to be the "heart" of LINLINE, here was opened the first clinic and also the headquarters.

Quality of service - our absolute priority and our main advantage. Our clinics operate under the same standards, developed over more than 15 years of practice. We are the first and only company in Russia that can give a full guarantee for any medical service (in the absence of any positive result we will either repeat the procedures or refund you).

High level of service, reasonable prices and reliable quality - the three "pillars" upon which LINLINE stands firm.

In 2014, ever since the next logical stage of the network development, we also opened the latest and best complete clinical network - LINLINE VIF – within our clinics. We have today, as 15 years ago, set the standard of service at an unachievable height for others.

We are waiting for you at our clinics in Ekaterinburg! We will do our best to justify your trust. You can contact us by phone (343) 22-44-777, and at the following addresses:

  • 134a Sheinkmana
  • 76 Krasnoarmejskaja
  • 5 Juliusa Fuchika
  • 122 Belinskogo